Textiles inspired by photography2811 Reflections - Canary Wharf water - 44x170cm 800x207 pixels for web.jpg4042 Reflections - Gold Water 170x44 800x207 pixels for web.jpg2708.4 NY Skyscrapers 800x207 pixels for web.jpg

Inspired by my photographic images of architecture and cities and reflections I am developing a range of textiles.

I have previously created metal sculptures based upon my photographic images and am presently exploring ways of using my photos as inspiration to create patterns which are then woven in silk and digitally printed onto silk.

I have developed a range of silk ties and scarves and am currently extending the range.

In addition to creating fashion accessories the woven silk is ideal for other applications such as upholstery.

The colours selected for the items listed have been chosen in direct reference to the original inspirational photographic images however there are many different colours available. If you have any questions about the fabrics or would like to create bespoke fabrics I would be happy to discuss ideas with you.




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